Teeth Whitening

Ask us about affordable professional teeth whitening at Bardon Dental Centre


A bright, white smile is something that not only looks great but can also boost your confidence and encourage you to smile more often.

A whiter, brighter smile is also affordable and something you can achieve quickly and easily.
Through our everyday lifestyle and exposure to staining foods and drinks like tea, coffee and red wine, our teeth can stain and discolour.

Teeth whitening is popular and affordable at Bardon Dental Centre and our dental team use only professional teeth whitening processes to give you that great smile.

We recommend custom moulds with take home whitening rather than in chair whitening for the following reasons:


  • We use a very gentle gel which is much less likely to cause sensitivity during use, compared with in chair whitening which can cause considerable discomfort.
  • Take home whitening gives patients much more control over the degree of whitening. The trays are worn for an hour each day with the shade becoming lighter with each application.
  • Maximum whitening is achieved after about fourteen applications, though it is not necessary to wear the trays on consecutive days. You can stop for a few days if it is not convenient for you, or if you feel you have achieved sufficient whitening.
  • While the degree of whitening varies from person to person, take home and in chair whitening can achieve the same degree of whitening.
  • Another factor worth considering is that take home whitening is much less expensive than in chair whitening, while achieving the same results.