Teeth Fillings

At Bardon Dental Centre we use natural tooth coloured dental fillings


Tooth Coloured Restorations

If you do need a filling at Bardon Dental Centre we use a tooth coloured composite resin to repair the tooth or cavity.

If, for example, we have to treat a cavity, the decayed portion of the tooth will be removed and the area restored with the resin filling.

Tooth coloured restorations are also used to help repair cracked, broken or worn down teeth to restore the tooth and provide a natural looking surface.


Tooth-coloured composites have significant benefits including:

  • Aesthetic – Being able to be closely matched to the colour and shade of your natural teeth, it is well suited for use in areas or on teeth that are visible.
  • Bonding – Composite fillings chemically bond to the tooth structure, providing strong support to the tooth.
  • Versatility – Tooth coloured restorations are used for a variety of treatments, including decayed teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth or worn down teeth.
  • Preparation – Tooth coloured restorations allow for the minimal amount of the tooth to be removed when there is decay.